Joseph Marchante, Author and Founder




What happens when we die?

A friend of mine asked me, “Where is God when we die?” I answered that God (ERC) remains the same: time wise, a reality past and future eternal, physically, infinite space made up of primordial space and secondary or created space like the one in our universe, plus all the energies that exist both in our universe and elsewhere. What you want to know is, said I,  “What happens to our identity or consciousness when we die? Does nature “SAVE” our identity or does it “DELETE” it forever? My answer is that there are at least three “general” possibilities I can think of, but for obvious reasons (I have not died and resuscitated as Christians claim Jesus did) I am short on “specifics.”

For many people including me the first possibility is the worst. There is nothing after death. One loses consciousness and goes to sleep forever. Your body goes back to God and is recycled by Nature. If this is what happens, then the phrase “Rest in Peace” is very appropriate.

However, I would rather “Swim in Energy” than “Rest in Peace.” The reason is very simple and very honest. I am consciousness, therefore I root for consciousness. Perhaps if I had had a bad life, I would not feel that way, but I have had a good life, studying hard, working hard, raising a family, and learning all I can about our planet, our universe and the mysteries of life, especially the nature of God: some kind of religious philosopher, I guess I am.

The second general possibility is that Nature, God, has found a way to “SAVE’ our identities. We are born out of the union of a sperm with an egg, and from that small physical unit we develop into full bodied human beings. Well, perhaps when we die Nature “REVERSES” that process and our identities “escape” our bodies through the micro world. We may have the experience of rising up to a heaven above, but in reality may be riding an atom, or a quantum particle, or some other physical unit into a different dimension. I know I could be “full of it,” but I would not underestimate Nature, judging from its power and versatility on Earth. If there is a way, Nature (God) usually finds it.

The third general possibility is that this universe is partially or completely the product of intervention by a highly technologically developed civilization in another world or universe. See my website page “THE KINGDOM OF ELLAEL” for reference. Is our universe “programmed”? Is the randomness we witness in our universe “programmed”? Is that possible? What about our lives? Are our lives “programmed” or do we have free will? These are questions, questions and more questions to which my little curious self has no answers. I am just asking “What if…?” and I do so because I am rooting for consciousness to survive. Therefore, my “faith” in God or Nature has to find possible avenues for deliverance.

The reason I believe it is possible for such a “creating” civilization to exist is that we have no idea how long our “region” of created space has existed. We take it for granted that our universe was born after the so-called Big Bang, but this may be just one cycle after many. When a universe (or created space) is born from primordial space, it is possible it does not look anything like ours. The existent particles may not know how to work as a team to produce any sensible bodies. They are like rookies who need to learn a trade. Young universe bodies may contain “globs” so to speak, not solar systems and galaxies like our universe. Even the physical laws that govern our universe body today are different from those that existed in one of the first cycles, that is, IF it is true that universe bodies go through evolutionary cycles.

 Perhaps many universe cycles are needed with the macro world dictating which celestial bodies survive and, therefore, selecting which particles in the subatomic, atomic or micro world (which created those celestial bodies) are worthy of survival. If such an evolution of universe bodies exist, then not only do we not know how old that “created space region” we call our universe is, and whether Nature has already found a way to save conscious identities from a prior universe cycle, but in addition whether all this has already happened in another dimension or universe allowing for a highly advanced civilization to exist.

If so, I have gone so far as to wonder whether our universe could be a “SYNTHETIC” universe made up of synthetic particles produced in some laboratory. That is outrageous you say? Maybe! But just tell me how one can prove the physical particles that make up our universe are “natural” and not “synthetic”? Perhaps the ones that are “natural” evolved in another dimension or universe, not in ours. If I have stretched your imagination too far, consider it mental exercise.

I must remind the reader that ERC remains the Infinite Source and True God, even if a highly advanced civilization created our universe. They are NOT “God,” or should be thought of as “gods.” Many titles are available, from Members of the House or Kingdom to Presiding Officers to perhaps Lords and Lordesses or what have you, but nothing that places them above other children of ERC. All created beings are children of God, with equal moral standing. It does not matter whether they are first generation or otherwise. Those created become creators and they continue creating other creatures, but no creators should place themselves as gods before those created. The true God provides the space and the energies that exist. The children of God could not create anything unless ERC provided the environments into which they were born and developed, plus all the space and the materials needed for new creations. Ergo, ERC is the one and only God.

Finally, a word about the first general possibility I discussed, a real possibility. We have to accept our life and existence as human beings, dependent on higher forces for our survival and well being. We are not immortal gods. We are human beings. Therefore, it is possible that we die and that is it. It is important to remain honest, and not try to mentally hide inconvenient possibilities. 

Trust God! If Nature chooses not to save our identities, perhaps that is the best it can happen to us. Who knows? Otherwise, we could end up in a situation where we are conscious but existing in a life of pain and suffering. Perhaps “resting in peace” is not so bad after all. I once thought of a man wishing for life eternal, but then he wanted to die and could not. That would be a kind of Hell, would it not? So, place your trust in God, place your trust in Nature. If it is meant for us to survive death, we will. If not, we will not. Just go with the flow. Do not worry about wanting to die and not being able to do so. I believe that Nature finds a way to end all suffering.



 Joseph Marchante