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ERCIAN KNOWLEDGE, as proven in the book “Ercian Testament,” reveals the nature of the Infinite Source and True God, not a personal being. ERC is the name we have given our eternal God.

Regarding ERCIAN FAITH, as you may have read in the page "What happens when we die," one of three general possibilities is the existence of salvation or extraction by a highly advanced civilization who may have created this universe or may have had something to do with the genesis of our race. I have named this civilization, the Kingdom of ELLAEL.

Those of us who are religious (rather than just "proligious") Ercians, place our trust in God or Nature, whatever our destiny may be, but in addition place our faith and our commitment in the Kingdom of ELLAEL.

If the Kingdom of ELLAEL does not exist already, then it is our purpose to make it a reality sometime in the future as the human race continues to evolve spiritually and technologically. 

Therefore, our prayers and meditations are not just petitions to possible existent higher powers for help with our needs, if such communications are possible, but recognition that it is up to us, the human race, to find the solutions to our problems through ethical, scientific and technological advances.

Thus, our spiritual communications are PRAYER – PROJECTS having the dual function of trying to communicate with a possible already existing Kingdom of ELLAEL and affirming our goal to create a Kingdom of ELLAEL if one does not already exist, so that future generations of rational beings from this or other universes can benefit from our commitment and our efforts.

Four generic identities form the symbols that represent the power of the Kingdom of ELLAEL: the Mother, given the name Maria of Ellael, the Son, given the name Jesus of Ellael, the Father, given the name Yaseph of Ellael, and the Daughter, given the name Barbara of Ellael. Your communications can be addressed to any of them in particular or to all of them as a whole.

Modeled after the statue of "Saint Barbara" in the Catholic tradition, Daughter Barbara holds two symbols on her hands. On her right hand a cup, the Cup of our Houses from which we receive everything that is good and wholesome in our lives. On her left hand a sword, the Sword of our Houses, so that we may learn to defend ourselves with it to protect our families, our principles, and everything in general we hold dear.

Last but not least, these are the Spirits of our Houses: the Holy Spirit, with the dove as its symbol, representing peace, communication, and enlightenment; and the Not-Holy** Spirit, with the eagle as its symbol, representing strength, power and sovereignty, meaning do not tread on US, because We the People will defend the Kingdom with all our hearts and souls.

**Not-Holy means that we invoke this Spirit to help us in those times when violence is necessary to defend all that is dear to the Kingdom. Killing others, as in times of war or conflict can never be a “holy” or “sanctified” act. It is something we do only because it is necessary for our survival, but never because we “enjoy” violence or harming other beings, human or otherwise.

Although the term “Unholy Spirit” means the same thing as "Not-Holy," the traditional connotation is that of an “evil” spirit, so I prefer not to use it, although others may, as long as they are aware of what it represents for Ercians.

The first philosophy of Ercians is Christian, the message Jesus brought to us humans, the message of LOVE. Our second philosophy is Ercian which approves as necessary the use of force and violence to defend TRUTH, GOODNESS, JUSTICE and to protect all those we hold dear.


The world is a two-way street. We may follow our first nature, a philosophy of love and peace in the lane we travel, but if those coming in the opposite direction do not act the same way, then we have no choice but to follow our second nature, the not-holy one.

People committed to a life of evil, crime or disrespect for law and order should not be allowed to rule our lives or violate our human rights. Note that I use the term “people” loosely. The traditional view is that everybody is a “human being” as long as they have a human body. Not so, says the Ercian definition of a human being. 

A human being is one that acts humanely. A human being is one that has a human soul. What should count is not the body, what is outside. What should count is the values people uphold. Those who have no conscience and kill indiscriminately whether for a misguided cause, for their own gains or for their own pleasure (just for the hell of it), they do not deserve to be considered humans.

The goals of the Kingdom of ELLAEL and the goals of Proligion are: one planet, Earth; one race, human; and one family Ercian*.

The #Ercian call for #Proligion is the Union of peoples of good mind and will, religious or not, to stand for freedom, democracy and human rights.

The tools of #Proligion are not prayers. Religious people say prayers. Proligious people communicate using ETH-COM, the short term that stands for ETHICAL COMMUNICATION.

People with different religions, politics or points of view can arrange for meetings and conduct debates or forums in the search for Truth, Goodness and Justice in our societies.

May the Kingdom of ELLAEL be with you!

Joseph Marchante

Twitter: @ErcianJoseph