Joseph Marchante, Author and Founder








If everyone knew the truth and acted in accordance with the truth, our world would be much more peaceful and our governments much more effective and efficient. When we examine problems truthfully, we are doing so "realistically" without engaging in hopeful romantic visions or other types of wishful thinking. Yes, we should shoot for the stars, but we better make sure we have the right technology, the right equipment, and the right software or programs to make it "possible."


Let me start with religion. What is the truth in religion? The truth in religion is that no one has the Word of God because our eternal reality is not a thinking being. God is not a supreme creator. Some so called holy books may mean well in giving believers hope that someone is watching over us which may be true, but if THEY (not Him) are, we must understand that such creators evolved from the eternal Reality that makes everything possible.


The first prize for misinforming believers on the nature of God belongs to the person or persons who fabricated the concept of God as a personal being. I say (and prove in my book) that the only Reality that deserves the title of "God" is whatever is eternal. Everybody else and everything else that exists is not eternal but derived its existence from the eternal. You will find all the details and all the arguments in my book Ercian Testament, the Teachings of Proligion and Ercian Philosophy.

The first thing that is eternal is "space." Something does not come from nothing. The definition of nothing is that without any actuality or potentiality, in other words, without being anything and without any chance of becoming anything. Therefore, since our universe is "something," this something had to come from either itself in another form or another "something."


 A related item of misinformation is the belief that "spirits" or something "spiritual" can exist devoid of energy, matter or form. That is simply false. Anything that exists must have energy or matter and form "somewhere," in some dimension. If there is no physical presence of any kind, it does not exist. Let me add that because energies or forms of matter may be incompatible with each other, there could exist "physical" dimensions WE are unable to see or detect. However, that does not mean that these physical dimensions are "nothings" or "invisible." In their dimension, things and beings are "somethings" which are very "visible."


 So, getting back to God, we have people who think God existed eternally prior to anything else and then He created the universe (by the way, my Ercian theory is that there are an infinite number of universes. Ours is not the only one). Well, for God to exist, did He not have to exist in Space and Time? It is foolish to think God exists without occupying Space or without having any physical form or without possessing energy. For that to be true, however, Space had to exist prior to God.


You see, the KEY to understanding the nature of God, the nature of the eternal, is to think of WHAT could possibly be A BRUTE FACT OF NATURE. Everything we see in our world today is the product of something that came before. We were born from our mother, for example, and that would not have been the case if she had not made love to our father. The principle of causality or cause and effect. The problem is we cannot go back indefinitely to a cause that was an effect. Eventually, we must reach the Cause of causes, God, the eternal.



That brute fact of nature I spoke about must be SIMPLE. It cannot be a complex organism like a human body, much less a powerful Being who had the body, the powers and the energy to create whatever He wishes. That simple eternal reality is SPACE. As I have theorized, the eternal space is not like ours. Our kind of space is open, with a lot of empty areas and some energy-matter bodies occupying it. Primordial space, I theorize, is incredibly compressed space that only becomes our kind of secondary (cause and effect) type of space when a creation event takes place and a universe is born.


The kind of energy that makes primordial or primary space changes but does not evolve. There is no cause-and-effect chain of events there. Imagine a weird world where the phenomena that exists in one moment suddenly vanishes to be substituted by other phenomena it did not cause. By some at random physical law (or lack of one) it is as if somebody was drawing lottery numbers every other moment without any set being the product of the set before. You could also imagine a neon sign that came up with unrelated messages every other moment. TIME would START and STOP every other moment. The eternal presence of primary space I believe to be the engine that tries to get TIME going but cannot UNTIL a creation event takes place.

The reason creation events do not happen all the time is that primary space ABORTS most phenomena that arise from its activity. These phenomena barely survive a moment. It is not until a SUPERIOR kind of particle arises among the phenomena that SPARKS a creation event: the conversion of primary energy into secondary (cause-and-effect) type of energy using the ALPHA particle as a pattern or mold to draw energy from primary space into the now quickly expanding secondary space.


So there you go. More details on my book, as I said before. Here you have a possible theory of God and the universe created with reasonable assumptions and arguments. Even if it does not happen exactly as I have described it, whatever makes universes possible is AN IMPERSONAL REALITY, not a supreme creator. If our world was created by thinking beings, in all probability they constitute a technologically highly advanced civilization existing in our universe, in another universe, or in another "physical" dimension. 

This civilization of conscious beings, the equivalent of a Holy Self or Personal god (small "g") derived from ERC, I have named ELLAEL (She-He), symbolizing the union of female and male. Furthermore, rather than a Trinity, the Ercian Religion uses a Quaternity (Mother, Son, Father and Daughter) as the symbols of a Divine Family. For Ercians, the Holy Spirit is not a person, but symbolizes communication (societal and otherwise) that is clear, accurate, and contains no or few errors. It symbolizes Inspiration, Innovation and everything else that leads to a better world and a better future for all those good souls who contribute to its success, and NOT for those bent on mayhem and destruction.


As a religious person who loves life and would like to see my ego or personality continue after this one life and, hopefully, for as long as I wished, this Ercian theory of what exists is reasonable enough that I can place MY FAITH that it is so. I cannot place my faith in an eternal thinking God that does not exist. Therefore, I place my faith in what I call the highest possible God, the God I have named ERC, and in the civilization of ELLAEL. I know that to be my realistic chance for life eternal, and if it does not turn out that way and there is nothing else for my ego after death, oh well, at least I hoped for the highest and remained optimistic until the last breath.


One thing I will not do is what atheists do, which is to arrogantly and without having all the facts assume there is nothing. To them, the glass is half empty. They believe in the God of Nothingness, although they do not want to see the word "God" anywhere near any concept of Reality. If atheists feel any reverence for the natural system (which I call ERC), they surely do not want to make anything religious out of those feelings, which shows a lack of appreciation or thankfulness in my opinion. After all, if it were not for the natural system, they would not exist.


Beyond these thoughts I have various logical proofs that demonstrate God is not a thinking being. They are in my book. Think of these things: 

1) How can God be "one" being (which assumes a limit or boundary to His body) and be infinite space at the same time, given that Space exists EVERYWHERE either in its primary form or in secondary form? 

2) How can God be a "mind," since all minds require a beginning or birth? What kind of personality could someone who is eternal (someone who was never born) possess?

3) If what we know as human beings we know through nature (the instincts) or nurture (our parents and others in the world), how could a God who supposedly created universes and things KNOW anything, since supposedly there was no nature to give Him instincts and no nurturing people who existed prior to the God who is supposed to be eternal?


For all these reasons I am an Ercian. May the Kingdom of ELLAEL bless you and yours! In my belief (not my knowledge), THEY are the civilization that either created or helped create our universe through the manipulation of matter and energy derived from ERC, the God that gave THEM life. ERC is the true God. ERC is the eternal God. ERC is the fundamental God, the one and only Reality.