Joseph Marchante, Author and Founder






The unique quality or factor that is the key in knowing the nature of the true God is the fact that God has always existed. God is PAST-ETERNAL. In other words, it is possible or conceivable that once born or evolved, individuals in a very technologically advanced civilization may become immortal, that is, they may become FUTURE-ETERNAL. However, only the true God is PAST-ETERNAL. ERC, the Infinite Source and True God, is the only reality that has ALWAYS EXISTED.

When one initiates a long and profound meditation on God’s eternal past existence, one realizes that whatever God is, God is “A BRUTE FACT OF NATURE.” What do I mean by that? Well, have you ever heard of cause and effect? Everything that exists is a product of something else. We are the product of our parents. The same goes for animals and plants with some species giving birth to others. That also applies to our universe. Before our universe, there was another universe or something else that gave birth to our universe. Something does not come from nothing. Those who say our universe came from nothing are mistaken. Something was there either in ACTUALITY or in POTENTIALITY otherwise this universe would not be here. I will not deviate from this theme altogether, but I need to mention that our universe may only be one of an infinite number, but that is a much longer matter of study and analysis.

To continue, ask yourself, can a complex being or organism be a brute fact of nature? Never mind throughout an eternal past, but just in the history of planet Earth, when life forms first appeared here, what were they? Were they complex organisms or just simple cells which in turn were the product of the natural physical and chemical environment that created them? So now imagine no universe, no planet, nothing that gave birth to something else. What could it be?

Okay, the first thing that comes to mind as being past-eternal is space. There are those who feel there was no space before our universe, but I opine differently. I believe that space cannot be pre-empted. That means that space is infinitely large. In my book “Ercian Testament,” I explain the different kinds of possible space, at least two, PRIMORDIAL SPACE being the kind of space that gave birth to our universe or to the ones that came before ours and CREATED SPACE, space like ours within which the laws of cause and effect apply.

In addition to being infinite space, God is TIME, active either in both primordial and created space but behaving differently in both. Finally, ERC, the Infinite Source and True God is ENERGY. God is self-energized, and God’s energy will never run out. If one’s car battery dies, energy must be borrowed from another source. That will never happen with God because God is energy itself and there is no other source OUTSIDE. Nothing exists outside of God. All things that are real have existence WITHIN ERC’s Infinite Space and Time.

Furthermore, everything that is real is PHYSICAL. Everything has a form of some kind or it would not exist or be able to be distinguished from other things that exist. The myths and legends perpetrated on humanity about spirits or ghosts that are transparent but active in the world make people believe that perhaps God is a spirit without form or body but a spirit that can do whatever “He” pleases. Leave that kind of foolish thinking for Hollywood. Hey, every now and then I like fantasy and entertainment, so I watch movies. However, when it comes to knowing the nature of God, we have to be brutally real or we wind up with billions of human beings separated by their incorrect notions of the nature of God, and with many people killing each other because of religion. Incredibly, they all go to their deaths believing in false gods, personal gods who speak and have given commandments to so-called Messiahs or Prophets, Muhammad as the worst example of religion gone berserk.

God is a “brute fact of nature” people. An omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent being who, in order to have those powers, must be an extremely complex being cannot be a “brute fact of nature,” something that was always there. God had no Mama or Papa like we do. God had no environment to give birth to God because, in that case, THAT environment would be God. How can God be ONE and be infinitely present, a physical impossibility? How can God know everything if nothing existed prior to God? We know some things by nature or nurture. Nature gives us instincts, and then our parents and teachers give us the knowledge to survive in the world. So I ask you, if nothing existed prior to God, from whence did “His” supposed knowledge come? The answer is from nowhere because these are FALSE concepts of God.

In my book, I also explain in detail why God is not an omnipotent creator, a being with only one mind and one train of thought but who can, however, know what zillions of beings want and need throughout infinite space and time, and who can look after everyone’s needs.

Look, my purpose is not to destroy the faith good traditional religious people place on their concept of God, but to educate them as to the nature of the real and true God (we would not want to be “heathens” worshiping false gods, would we?), and to have them channel their faith accordingly. Just because ERC is not a personal being, a creator with a brain, does not mean our God is impotent. It does not mean our God or Nature cannot find ways to fulfill our dreams if we are smart, although it can also renders us extinct if we fail to come together as a civilization mature enough to face Reality.

Joseph Marchante