Joseph Marchante, Author and Founder






GOD IS BEING ITSELF. God is not a category of being that can be preempted or restricted by any other category that is physically more fundamental. The true God, ERC, is either boundless self-energy or a complete void. Only one of those two possibilities could be “a given,” “a brute fact of primordial nature.” If ERC were a complete void, a nothing, we would not be here. ERC is infinite in terms of space and eternal in terms of time. God exists everywhere.


The phrase “May God be with you!” assumes incorrectly that God is a being OUTSIDE of yourself who can then decide to be with you or not. The truth is we all live INSIDE God, inside of ERC. Therefore, we are always IN or WITH GOD. Learn to have faith in ERC, the true God who tries everything, every single combination and possibility, so that those things or beings that can survive and last the tests of time prosper and give birth to further successful generations.


Even in death, trust God, trust ERC. If there is nothing after life, then accept it. Who knows, it may be for the best? If there is “everything” after life, then we are sons and daughters of the highest possible God. A thinking personal God is an impossible God. “He” does not exist, but we can hope to be the offspring of the highest possible God, ERC, an infinite Source with the energy and natural intelligence to make our dreams come true.


God is PAST-ETERNAL. Unlike us, God had no mother, no father, and no planet or environment in which to be born and learn about life. God was never “born.” God is a brute fact of nature and, as such, cannot be an all-powerful thinking being that has always been there and can create worlds and environments out of nothing. From whence would that personal god possess a body, a brain or other organs to be able to do such things? Brains and organs are a product of the evolution of cells, so how could God possess these if NOTHING existed prior to God? Also, and as important, how could this “brute fact of nature” God KNOW how to do things and how to create worlds and environments? There was no prior environment to give God instincts and there were no other people, like a father and a mother, to teach God about the world.


I know I have written about these things before, and I repeat them here because, whether the reader realizes it or not, it is the kind of knowledge with the potential to end divisions among those religions that preach faith and belief in a personal creator. I have done my job writing the book “Ercian Testament, the Teachings of Proligion and Ercian Philosophy.” It is up to you who read my works to spread the word. Buy my book and read it. Tell others what you have learned from my book. I am not starting a church or collecting money for anything. All I want to do before I die is make sure others have appropriated the knowledge it took me so many years to acquire and hope the world is better for it. As long as I am alive, I will be able to answer any questions you may have. Do not wait too long. I will be 72 years of age, this October, God willing…as I always say.


Joseph Marchante