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People fighting cancer should follow the advice of doctors, oncologists and other specialists in seeking conventional medical treatment through surgery, radiation, chemical applications or whatever other advanced medical treatments are available. That is essential and no other “unproven” method, including what I am about to describe here, should be used as substitutes for conventional treatment. “Helping fight cancer with mind power” is ONLY an additional or supplemental way of having the cancer patient maintain a strong positive mental attitude and the belief or faith that she or he CAN DO something about fighting this terrible enemy of the human body.

A religious mindset is beneficial when going to war with cancer using mind power. As the founder of the Ercian Religion and blessed with the knowledge that “we are part” of the eternal body of God, we are the subjects with “executive power” in control of how to use our minds to help fight cancer or whatever other malady is affecting our bodies.

So, the number one thing that is necessary to help fight cancer with mind power is FAITH or BELIEF, whether based on the Ercian Religion, on any other religion, OR on a belief in the “natural” power of Mother Nature.

Think of the INTELLIGENCE that is inherent in the cells, tissues, and all the other components that make up the organic systems of our human bodies, an intelligence that uses the human brain (or mind, if you will) as the seat holding the power to execute the ORDERS that you COMMAND or DICTATE, and that you VISUALIZE by “being part of the battle” when EXPERIENCING or FEELING the effects of what is happening in the affected areas of your body AS REALISTICALLY AS POSSIBLE …while your orders are being carried out by the different components of your body, white blood cells, amino acids…whatever… 

You do not have to know what these components are or do or have any knowledge of medicine. You are the executive and you give the orders. The only thing you need to know is that you have WHOLE ARMIES of “intelligent natural fighters” within your body to carry out this war with cancer or with whatever other illness has befallen you.

Realize this: many powers of the human mind may lie dormant and uncovered simply because no one has tried to experiment with what is possible, and I do not mean “flying” or “moving objects with your mind” and stuff like that.  I am talking about something “more plausible and possible” like helping to heal ourselves.

VERY IMPORTANT: What is my basis for believing that the human mind has “special” powers? To give you one example, the human mind has the power of “memory.” Have you ever sucked on a lemon or tamarind fruit? What happens when you “remember,” that is, when you “realistically visualize” yourself sucking on one NOW, even though you are not doing any such thing? Try it!

What happens is that your salivary glands ACT UP because your brain or mind “remembers” what that taste was like and reenacts that feeling or experience.

That is the reason I emphasize the need for “realistic visualization” in order for this mind therapy to work. 

The cancer patient has to “believe” it is happening. She or he has to “know” it is working. The process requires “faith” in the power of the body, the power of the mind… and the power of God for those who are religious.


The patient should seek a quiet cool comfortable room either dark or with little light to set the right mood for meditation. Some smooth low volume background music may be okay but it depends on the person. No one else or nothing else should be in the room to distract the patient from the task of concentrating on the visualization of the therapy. 

When I speak of “concentration,” do not think of something that requires effort, that is hard to do, and that makes you tense. Think of something light, something that “flows” without effort, as the body does with the act of breathing. Set yourself comfortable and at ease, and get ready to command your body and mind.


I would be shortchanging you if I told you exactly how many ways there are for you to conduct therapy on your own body, because through experimentation you could probably come up with some new ways. Suffice it to say, that all experiences of this type are SUBJECTIVE in nature. What I mean by that is that as much as I may try to describe “what I have experienced” or “what I have felt” during these sessions, I will never be able to make you feel what I felt. The same will be true when you try to describe your therapy experiences to other persons.

What I can do, however, is give you different descriptions or examples of what I have tried to visualize. I will start by saying that I have never been a cancer patient. My younger brother was and he was able to beat his cancer of the lymph nodes. I gave him a few pointers like I am doing with you here, but I cannot in good faith take credit for his being in good health now. He did use all available conventional treatments as I tell everyone else to do.

All right, so let us start with something simple like having body aches, for example, tension in the back and neck areas. Well, I visualized someone of a spiritual realm (not of this world or maybe of this world, either way it is okay) to massage my neck and back, someone with very strong fingers and hands capable of not only massaging those muscles externally but, in addition, being able to get in there below the skin and with a good deal of medicinal ointment (with an eucalyptus smell perhaps) at his disposal lubricate those muscles and tendons and massage them until I FELT the relief and the release of the tension.

What else can a person visualize?

Liquids or chemicals…hot, warm, cold, or at room temperature…of a color of your choice (white, blue, silver, green, red, brown, black, whatever) …running through your circulatory system, or through your whole body inside and out, for the purpose of cleaning your system, relieving tension, getting rid of some aches, lowering your blood pressure, lowering your temperature, or whatever else is your goal and your “gentle command.” Visualize these things as realistically as possible in order to obtain good results.

As with liquids or chemicals, one may achieve similar results with the visualization of an application of creams, pastes, or ointments of different colors and at different temperatures. Each patient should choose to visualize the type of substances and textures that seem or feel more agreeable to him or her.

Another technique that I have used with success aims to reduce inflammation, for example of the nasal passages and sinus cavities by visualizing FLEXIBLE PLIABLE MOLDABE “ICE,” that is right “ICE.” While in our physical world ice comes in solid form, with the power of the mind one can visualize ice that one can bend and mold to fit whatever goal one has in mind. 

For example, with the nasal passages and sinus cavities I can visualize using a hand-sized ball or mass of flexible ice and having it go through the front of my face to penetrate into the areas that are swollen. I let it rest there and “feel” the cold going to work in lowering the temperature and the inflammation. I have been able to open up a stuffy nose with that technique.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I repeat that none of these techniques bypass the need to see a doctor when one is sick or injured. Realistic visualization is only to be used as a supplement to conventional medical treatment. Why not ask your doctor if he or she thinks these techniques could be beneficial to you before you try them? I am not giving anyone medical advice here. I am just trying to help people help themselves whenever possible without placing anyone in any danger.

Continuing the flexible ice theme, know that it can be applied to any area of your body that feels swollen, with different degrees of success of course, depending on the cause of the inflammation and the effect of whatever medicines the doctor has recommended. 

The point is that you can visualize your body as being “solid,” for example, if you just want to experience an external massage, or “penetrable” as with the nasal passages when you want to introduce flexible ice or any other substance you can think of “through and into” your body and the area of concern. Your “skin” is not a barrier impossible to penetrate when using realistic visualization.

One can take the idea of ICE to another level by using realistic visualization to think of FREEZING (with a hose or whatever you wish) tumors or areas that are numb or causing pain. If you wish, the “freeze” can be so strong that it will burn or vaporize the tumor, the tension or whatever it is that is causing your discomfort. 

Needless to say, your brain should know that the commands or orders you are giving are meant to apply these treatments to the affected areas only and not to any healthy area of your body that does not need healing or soothing.

Finally, before addressing “cancer,” something that just came to mind: have you ever thought of taking “HOLY WATER SHOWERS”? 

You do not need to be a Christian or have the water blessed by a priest to do this. “Water” and everything else that exists comes from God (or Nature if you are an atheist). It is naturally blessed. 

Therefore, since we can think of our bodies as being “penetrable” and “permeable,” anytime we wish we can take a fully-flowing holy water shower (with medicinal properties added if we want) to clean our bodies inside out and get rid of whatever toxins or foreign substances threaten our health, especially the “invader” that is cancer.


The oncologist recommends “radiation” and “chemical” therapy. Well, go ahead and follow your doctor’s recommendations. Then, when you arrive at home, if you choose to do so at that time, or at another time of your choosing, you can have your own private therapy by using the power of your mind.

You can visualize your armies of good cells carrying YOUR BANNER going to war and attacking the cancerous cells, destroying them one by one or in groups. Use swords, knives, guns, or whatever else is at the disposal of your mind to kill those cancer cells. 

Get the chemicals of your body to help in that war by spraying the enemy cells with substances that will “eat away at them” and “vaporize” them. 

Electrocute them with the “electricity” that resides within your body. 

After you have killed enough of those cancer cells and you are getting tired from the battle, have a sea of water flowing through your body (drink some water also) getting rid of the bodies and substances of the dead cancer cells and “refreshing” your armies of good cells, so that they can rest and get ready for the next battle.


Every now and them, take the fight to the ATOMIC, MOLECULAR, or even QUANTUM PARTICLE LEVEL. Again, you do not have to know anything about “physics.” All you need to know is that in the world of small things, CANCEROUS CELLS are made of groupings of molecules and atoms that have electrons, neutrons, protons (Hell, I don’t know?), a nucleus, etc. The idea is to apply RADIATION to the cancerous tumors to break them up. Radiate the hell out of them and “flush them out” of your body. Good luck!

I hope this helps you. May the good health be yours and God bless!

Joseph Marchante

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