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General rule: when you or one of yours is sick, GO TO A DOCTOR. These are the individuals trained to heal you. If they are good and if they can, they will heal you. Science is knowledge for the most part. Make good use of it.

I believe that faith, positive thinking, meditation, and the power of the human mind through visualization of internal manipulations of the body can effect change in the health status of a person. To what extent this is possible is a matter of speculation. I believe it depends on the mental skills of the person doing the visualizations. This avenue of personal investigation is wide open.

I have visualized the internal massage of my muscles with magic “hands,” heat, electricity or vibrations applied to a part of my body that is tense or aching, internal (chemical) showers with a medicinal liquid (you choose the color) that cleanses and purifies the body, and radiation or manipulation of atoms and molecules at the quantum (micro) level to “break up” possible or existent tumors that manifest at our physical bones, muscles and organs (macro) level of reality.

The more one practices these techniques, the better the chances to achieve healing or relief. I do not use this regularly, but I have done it on occasions with mixed results. Therefore, do not depend on this method to heal yourself. Go to a doctor and then, if you wish, use these techniques to “supplement” traditional health care. I do not guarantee any results with this pseudo-scientific approach I use. Only scientific experiments by experts using proper control factors will eventually prove or disprove the effectiveness of these techniques.


Ercians do not recognize any special authority or power through mediation with God by priests, pastors, preachers or ministers. We are spiritual leaders in our own right, lone wolves of the intellect connected directly with the divine realm. Therefore, Ercian healing prayers can only be used by the person seeking the healing effect or, if unconscious or unable to pray, by a close family member or friend with genuine non-financial interest in the healing of the person.

Because the Ercian religion through the practice of Proligion aims to be universal in nature, each individual can adapt Ercian prayers to their own needs reflecting their own ethnic or traditional roots. For example, if praying to ERC (God) through the Kingdom of ELLAEL, one can use the generic terms of Mother, Son, Father and Daughter, or one can use names of specific people or icons one is familiar with. For me as a former Catholic, I pray to the Mother, Mary of ELLAEL, to the Son, Jesus of ELLAEL, to the Father, Yaseph (my choice) of ELLAEL, and to the Daughter, Barbara (also my choice) of ELLAEL. However, I can understand why people raised in different cultures may want to use names they are familiar with for the four members of the Royal House of ELLAEL.

Understand that I have not been to ELLAEL (that I am aware of) or met the beings with the names I have chosen or with any other names. Therefore, I co-create this Reality of the Kingdom of ELLAEL with faith in the power of ERC (God) to make it real. It could very well be ELLAEL is real already but if not, we are here to help create it a reality.

From the Chart of Six, the following entries:

ERC = GOD = HEAL = 156

ELLAEL = DIOS (“God” in Spanish) = of God (or) god of = 282

Examples of prayers:

(Feel free to adapt them to your individual needs. Ercians are not dogmatic)

Kingdom of ELLAEL, through the power of ERC (God) let me be healed!

Mother, through the power of ERC (God) let me be healed!

Son, through the power of ERC (God) let me be healed!

Father, through the power of ERC (God) let me be healed!

Daughter, through the power of ERC (God) let me be healed!

Examples of what I use:

Mary of ELLAEL, through the power of ERC (God) let me be healed!

I can also say the same prayer but instead of addressing it to Mother Mary addressing it to Jesus of ELLAEL, Yaseph of ELLAEL or Barbara of ELLAEL.


If possible, through Faith in the Power of ERC: 

It is important to remember that Ercians are all sons and daughters of ERC, the eternal God, born with the same status and rights as any other being ever. Therefore, when we pray we address those who through their own efforts and actions have achieved special status and have been elected to represent the Kingdom. Superior to us, spiritually or otherwise in fact (de facto), does not mean they are “gods” superior to us in principle achieving a post or status we can never aspire to.

A prayer I say daily is the “Ercian Evocation,”(see website page) mainly for the purpose of expressing and confirming my faith and as a way to connect with the Kingdom. 

Otherwise, instead of praying in the form of a supplication, an Ercian may simply use the technique of internal communication or internal conversation to bring up to consciousness any needs, wants or problems that need solution. 

This is a form of self-therapy an Ercian can use occasionally (talking to oneself...without "going crazy") rather than using a psychiatrist or psychologist when one is not necessary. If one is connected to the Kingdom through the subconscious (this is pure speculation), then it is possible that what we worry or think about can be communicated to the people of the Kingdom. Maybe they can help. I do not know.

Those individuals who use “meditation” as a way of clearing the mind or to attain complete absence of thought in order to relax or connect with the divine can feel free to continue that practice if it works for them.

One way to make the Ercian religion universal is to make it flexible enough to attract people from different backgrounds while still retaining sufficient religious-philosophical structural elements to give it a unique identity.

Joseph Marchante