Joseph Marchante, Author and Founder







Truth is the supreme value. Without truth, we have nothing. Truth demands honesty, a virtue that can be called by other names: sincerity, integrity, truthfulness, straightforwardness, frankness, candor and openness.

Without honesty in human communications, we have deceit and misinformation and nothing is what it seems.

Without honesty from politicians, there is no true representation of the people and the nation suffers. 

Without honesty in the presentation of news by the media, citizens make bad decisions (like voting) based on false or misleading information. 

Without honesty on the part of educators, harmful ideologies infect the minds of our children. 

Without honesty on the part of religious leaders, the masses worship false gods and prophets leading humankind into conflicts and wars rather than promoting peace and progress for all.

The main values I believe Ercians should live by are love, knowledge, and courage. To love others should be our first philosophy. However, loving our enemies is unwise. We should fight and overcome those who would do us harm.  

Knowledge is essential in the world. Get an education. Find the facts. Trust your senses, especially your mind when using sound logical arguments.  Beliefs are plenty and unreliable. Knowledge is unique and dependable. 

Courage is the last main value or quality that I have chosen and that we should strive for. In times of trouble and in times of grief, when we need to fight, when we need to mourn, when the world is cold and the sun has disappeared from the heavens, call upon courage to lift you up and do whatever it is that you must do. Let the personal power God granted you as a human being give you the strength.

The main values I believe necessary in a society are truth, goodness, and justice.

In addition to truth in religion which I have expounded on already, a good society needs truth in politics, truth in racial relations, and truth in personal relationships especially within the family: without these we are lost. The media plays an integral role here. The public depends on the media to oversee and supervise what is going on with the government and society. When the media is biased, whether too liberal or too conservative, that is bad for society. We need the facts. We need an ideologically well-balanced body of journalists to bring us the news.

Societal communication needs to be clear, concise and precise whenever possible. Lies and untruths are false communications that lead us in wrong directions, especially if these lies lead to passing laws that negatively affect the welfare of the People. I did not forget truth in advertising, but in a capitalist society it is not easy to hold back that demon. Needless to say, parties to commercial transactions should deal with each other fairly and ethically.

Although hard to measure, goodness in a society can be sensed. For example, one can go to cities where people are rude and unfriendly, and one can go to cities or smaller towns where people are much more kind and hospitable. You feel good in the latter places and not so good in the others.  More to the point, if we want a good society, then let us acquire better social manners. Seek what is good for you but, whenever possible, let that end up being good for others also. Be fair. Be reasonable. A dog-eat-dog world is not my idea of an Ercian world. I believe dogs can bark to the same tune when they have goodness in their hearts.

The last societal value I try to illustrate is justice, but we have a big problem here. There are those who scream and protest for justice, but do so without having truth and goodness in their hearts. What is the truth in the recent grand jury verdicts that have brought cries of racism, the one in Ferguson, and the one in Staten Island?  Were these verdicts unjust? Without being part of the juries and just going by what I have seen and what I have read, my take, my personal opinion is that the Ferguson jury was right in acquitting the police officer in that case, but the Staten Island jury was wrong in acquitting that police officer. That is my honest opinion.

The “I can’t breathe” protests are backed by sound evidence, the video. The “hands up” Ferguson protests are not. The testimony of the person accompanying Michael Brown was discredited in court. I have to respect the jury decision in that case, and not only because of that but because I also saw the video of Michael Brown stealing cigars from the store andbullying that much smaller than him store owner.  Is it unreasonable to conclude that he was also trying to bully the police officer later on? Citizens who are defiant and disrespectful of police officers and the law are bound to end up in trouble, especially when a crime has been committed.

Respect the law. If a law is found to be unjust, then change it through proper channels but in the meantime, respect it. You may protest it if you think it is unjust, but do so peacefully. We place police officers on the streets to bring order to our society. Prosecute those who abuse their power but otherwise respect them and support them. If you are the one to bring disorder to our society, do not complain when our justice system does what it must do. A final word regarding racial relations, remember Martin Luther King’s words that people should be judged by their character and not by the color of their skin. I totally agree.

Racial agitators who complain about profiling must accept the truth: statistics show the disproportionate number of crimes committed by blacks. All humans, including police officers, have brains that can reason and judge probabilities or possibilities. Therefore, it is understandable that more suspicion is placed on blacks. No doubt this is unfair to the many good and decent black people that walk the streets and have been stopped mistakenly without having done anything wrong, they are our brothers and sisters. We should apologize wholeheartedly. I certainly do. These are regrettable stops due to the human instinct of self-preservation, people trying to learn from experience after watching day in and day out all the crimes being committed in our cities.

If I am out alone at night  in a part of the city that I am unfamiliar with or if I see any individuals, black, white or of whatever race that because of their demeanor, the way they dress, or for whatever other reason I "sense" (a subjective factor) they could pose some danger to my life or well-being, I am getting out of there fast if I can help it. Police officers may not have that option, but the duty to "investigate" if indeed any subjects may pose a threat to law abiding citizens.

For profiling to change, there needs to be change in the black community, change from those households where there is a lack of parental education or supervision, change from within so that children are raised with good values and with the kind of education that will channel them to become people of good character, as Martin Luther King wished and as Ercians should wish.


The Ercian religion has no commandments from a supreme being because ERC is not a thinking being, a person. ERC is being itself, infinite space and eternal time. Everything that exists does so within ERC.

If you are reading these lines, you are a son or daughter of ERC, a Lord or Lordess (an Ercian term) with the same value or birthrights “in principle” as any other thinking being that exists. Your value “in fact,” your value as a human being, your value in a society, depends on how you have developed the talents you were born with and on how you interact with others in the world, your moral and ethical values, the philosophy of life you have adopted.

ERC is different from personal “gods,” those who have received the title of “God” through erroneous religious and cosmological concepts. An Ercian may wish to “worship” ERC, but ERC is not a thinking being, ERC does not know ertself (an Ercian term) to be the subject of worship. An Ercian stands in awe of the greatness, the power, the magnificence—and whatever other qualities one wants to add—the majestic presence of ERC as revealed in our world.

If the Kingdom of ELLAEL exists with beings that may have helped in the creation of the human race, we consider them our family, with Mother, Son, Father and Daughter as the symbols of the divine unit. When we pray to them as a unit or as individuals, we do not do it in a mode of worship, since we are equal in principle as sons and daughters of ERC that we are. We pray to ELLAEL with reverence, respect and love, communicating with them as we would communicate with any other family we have on Earth.

The existence of the Kingdom of ELLAEL is our hope, our faith. However, since Truth is a supreme value for the Ercian Religion, unlike other religions we do not pretend to know an unknown reality. What I can tell you as I relate in my book is that I have some evidence that this may be so, but absolute knowledge I do not have. That is the truth.

Its flexibility or adherence to reality and the facts is another important and unique characteristic of the Ercian religion. In other words, if scientific investigation or sound logical arguments eventually lead us to a different cosmological conclusion or theory, so be it. Nothing is set in stone that we do not know to be a fact.  There is no doctrine we need to keep if reason and a good conscience dictate otherwise.

Although I am the founder of the Ercian religion, I am not infallible or pretend to be. On the other hand, I am a serious religious person. Through much time and effort studying and analyzing these themes, I know I have found a better path to knowledge of God and to knowledge of what we need to do to create a better human society.

Joseph Marchante