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The Ercian Dream is no different from the American Dream, namely, that regardless of who you are or where you come from you can make a better life for yourself and your loved ones IF YOU DO WHAT IT TAKES to achieve that dream.

The formula is simple: ENERGY > VALUE and VALUE > ENERGY, meaning that one must convert the energy one receives from eating food or drinking into something of value, for example, working to produce goods and services or studying so that someday the person can use that acquired knowledge to be productive as a member of society.

Then what happens as a result of the individual converting energy into value by PRODUCING? What happens is that the person receives something of VALUE in return, and the best example is MONEY. With that income the individual can then go ahead and pay for living expenses and especially for FOOD, because that will allow him or her to convert that valuable currency into NEW ENERGY that will then be used to continue the ENERGY-VALUE CHAIN by producing more goods and services.

In summary, we become PRODUCERS by converting our own personal energy into something of value and then, from the rewards we receive by working we become CONSUMERS of things that have value including food and drink which allow us to replenish the energy we lost during that cycle of transference.

There you have it: apply this formula to the highest degree possible for you and in the future you will be better off than you are now, and so will your loved ones.

People who do not want to spend the energy in their bodies to work, study or do something else of value for society become clogs in the system. I am not referring here to people with some physical or mental impediment, but those who are able but not willing to work. They simply do not mind becoming fat and being lazy. 

The problem for the rest of citizens that produce is that these "dependents" of ours continue to extract value from the system with the receipt of government benefits or some other form of assistance while not giving back to the system any energy or thing of value in return.

The American Dream as well as the Ercian Dream will only be attained by those who are willing to participate fully in the transference of personal energy into societal value, and not by those with parasitic tendencies.


Joseph Marchante